• Tribute to Corporal Clayton C DOANE (ASN 37344185)

    D/155th AAAB

    (April 06, 1924 - January 08, 1945)



    Clayton C DOANE was born on April 06, 1924 at Woodston, Rooks County, Kansas. Robert was enrolled on April 03, 1943 and entered service at Denver, Colorado. He received ASN 37344185 and was sent to Camp MacKall, North Carolina, assigned to the D/155th Abn AABn.

    Clayton was killed in action on January 08, 1945 during the battle of Dead Man's Ridge. This day, at 08h00 AM, Battery D attached to the 513th PIR suffered a violent counter-attack with 18 or more tanks and infantry. Two or three German tanks were knocked out but the paratroopers were obliged to withdraw to a position 3 km south of Mande-Saint-Etienne.

    The body of Clayton C DOANE returned stateside on late 1948 and is now permanently buried at Chalk Mound Cemetery, Laton, Rooks County, Kansas.



    NARA file


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  • Tribute to Private First Class Lewis E PALMQUIST (ASN 37661574)

    B/680th GFAB

    (April 20, 1924 - March 24, 1945)



    Lewis E PALMQUIST was born on April 20, 1924 in Marion County, Iowa. He  was enrolled on  February 16, 1943 and entered service at Camp Dodge Herrold, Iowa. He received ASN 37661574 and was sent to Camp MacKall, North Carolina where is was assigned to B/680th GFAB.

    After the Battle of the Bulge, Lewis E PALMQUIST participated to operation Varsity. On March 24, 1945, his glider arrived on the Landing Zone N around 12h00. Barely after landing, the men were pinned down by enemy small arm fires and Lewis was obliged to dig a fox-hole. It is at this moment he was hit at the head and died immediately. He has 20 years-old.



    Lewis E PALMQUIST was interred at the American Military Cemetery of Margraten, Netherlands. His body returned stateside in late 1948 and he is now permanently buried at Pleasantville Cemetery, Pleasantville, Marion County, Iowa.



    NARA file


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  • April 1945, Bottrop, Germany ...

    on the way to Marxloh



    This three troopers are members of the 139th Airborne Engineer Battalion. From left to right we recognized trooper SCARLIN (no more info), unknown glider man and Lawrence E FOREMAN. They take a break at Bottrop, Germany, probably on the way to Marxloh, in the vicinity of Duisburg for assisting in the clearing of the Ruhr pocket around April 10, 1945.


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  • Tribute to Private First Class Robert S DURHAM Jr (ASN 34732066)

    466th PFAB

    (February 28, 1925 - March 24, 1945)



    Son of Robert Stovall and Loren DURHAM, Robert S DURHAM Jr was born on February 28, 1925 at Memphis, Tennessee. Robert was enrolled on April 29, 1943 and entered service at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. He received ASN 34732066. He volunteered for the Airborne Corps and after having successfully followed the Jump School, he was sent to Camp MacKall, North Carolina and assigned to the 466 PFAB.

    Troy was killed in action on March 24, 1945 in Germany, during operation Varsity. He is now permanently buried at the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial of Margraten, Netherlands.


    NARA file


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  • Captain Clifford C CARTEE

    Chaplain 194th GIR

    (October 04, 1913 - August 09, 1995)



    I am fortunate to have collected this past 25 years thousands pics of the 17th Airborne Division. Some are originals, unpublished ones, other are copies from vets, vet families, related or founded on the web. I'll try to share them in the future, each time I'll have a little time to do that.

    This one came from my friend Marthy C. It was realized in Germany, in March or April 1945, soon after Varsity as we can guess (the man on the right still wears a First Aid package on his helmet) by Private Howard OYLER who served with the Sv/194th GIR.

    The Chaplain on this pic is Captain Clifford C CARTEE, one of the Chaplains of the 194th GIR. 

    Clifford C CARTEE was born on October 04, 1913 at Etowah, McMinn County, Tennessee. After his Chaplain classes, he volunteers for the Airborne Corps and was assigned to the 17th Airborne Division in late July 1944. He joined his new unit at Camp Forrest, Tennessee and was assigned to the 194th GIR.

    During the Bulge, Chaplain CARTEE chose to assist the Medics in the line companies as they gathered the wounded and brought them back to the battalion collecting points. After the VE Day, during summer 1945, he was assigned to the 508th PIR / 82nd Airborne Division.

    During his service with the 17th Airborne Division, Chaplain CARTEE was awarded from the Silver Star Medal (Headquarters, 17th Airborne Division, General Orders No. 7 (1945)).

    After the WWII, Clifford C CARTEE participated to the Korean War and obtain the rank of Colonel.

    Colonel CARTEE passed away on August 09, 1995 at the age of 85 years-old.



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