• Roster - Recon Platoon

    Technically, a Divisional Reconnaissance Platoon comprises 3 officers and 61 enlisted men organised in :

              - 2 Recon. sections.

              - 1 Mortar squad.

              - 1 Demolition squad.

    For the time, I have found 57 men members of the 17th Airborne Reconnaissance Platoon. You'll find this roster below.



    ALDERMAN Calvin E.

    ALVAREZ Raymond.


    BAIR Clarence H (1923). Fletcher, OH. ASN 35629772. Enlistment 19/02/1943 in Colombus, OH. Awarded of Purple Heart Medal.

    BALL John F (1919). East Orange, NJ. ASN 32145546. Enlistment 22/04/1941 in Newark, NJ.

    BIRD E V (1922). Shelby, AL. ASN 34580557. Enlistment 17/11/1942 in Ft McClellan, AL.

    BOYLE Harry. Member of the 466th PFAB "D" Battery.

    BRADFORD John C Jr (1916). ASN 17052799. Enlistment 03/03/1942. Training at the artillery school at Fort Sill, OK. Stationed at Camp Roberts, CA and finally joins the 17th A/B Division as First Lieutnant. Awarded of Purple Heart Medal in 1945 (Ardennes campaign). He was transferred in the 11th A/B after the end of European campaign and he died in Japan in line of duty.

    BRENIZER Robert C (1926). Kent, MD. ASN 13138580. Enlistment 21/02/1944 in Fort George G Meade, MD.

    BRYAN William E. KIA.


    CISEWSKI Arnold J.

    COLLINS Billie J. Later US Air Force retired. 


    GAINEY JOE E (1924). Scotland, NC. ASN 34609182. Enlistment 12/03/1943 in Camp Croft , SC.

    GARDINER Herbert H (1924). Schenectady, NY. ASN 32747730. Enlistment 10/02/1943 in Albany, NY.


    HAWKINS Joseph A. (1912 - March 30, 1945). KIA. ASN 39229844. Enlistment 13/03/1941 in Los Angeles, CA. Buried at Margraten (Netherlands) (Plot H, row 15, grave 27). Private when KIA. Awarded of Purple Heart Medal in 1945.

    HILL Dudley G. Awarded Purple Heart Medal and Silver Star Medal. Captain ?

    HINDLE Robert J Jr (1923). ASN 33505022. Enlistment 22/03/1943 in Harrisburg, PE.

    HOLCOMB Earl.


    HUBBARD Vernon L.


    Jones Denis. Lieutnant (?).


    KERNS David A.

    KNIGHT John S Jr ( - March 29, 1945). KIA. ASN O-439199. Commander of the 1st Platoon ? Awarded of Bronze Star Medal with cluster (on February 7, 1945) and Purple Heart Medal. See also GI's tribute Recon Platoon.


    LOSS George H. S/Sgt during the Battle of the Bulge. Awarded of Bronze Star Medal with oak Leaf Cluster (on February 7, 1945).


    McATEE Kenneth E.

    McKENZIE Luke C (1924). District of Columbia. ASN 13143568. Enlistment 10/12/1942 in Washington, DC.

    McMULLEN Carl R (1925). Pinellas, FL. ASN 34934530. Enlistment 22/07/1944 in Camp Blanding, FL.

    McWHORTER James F (1924).  Russell County, AL. KIA. ASN 34810131. Enlistment 22/06/1943 in Fort McClellan, AL.


    MASLER Ernest G (27/04/1923 - 14/05/2010).

    MILLER Glenn.

    MITCHELL Marcus A (1925). Duchesne, Utah. ASN 39932850. Enlistment 15/07/1944 in Fort Douglas, Utah.

    MURPHY George J.


    PALMER Kenneth M. Awarded of Bronze Star Medal, Silver Star Medal and Purple Heart Medal with Cluster. Lieutnant ?

    PALMQUIST Edmund B.

    PARKER Jack V.

    PAZAMICKAS Peter (1914). Niagara County, NY. ASN 33177646. Enlistment 26/03/1942 in Fort George G Meade, Maryland. Served also with the 82nd A/B Division.

    PIOTROWICZ Stanley (1924). Saint Joseph County, Indiana. ASN 35548980. Enlistment 27/02/1943 in Toledo, Ohio.


    REINING Robert.

    RICKS James W.

    RIPPLE Edwin M (1923). Orange County, CA. ASN 19067291. Enlistment 03/01/1942 in Los Angeles, CA.


    SCHNEIDER Henry J.

    SCZERBOWICZ Stanley W (1917). Cuyahoga County, OH. ASN 35288132. Enlistment 13/03/1942 in Camp Perry Lacarne, OH.

    SEAHA Bruno J (1920 - 1972). Hartford County, Connecticut. ASN 31062732. Enlistment 07/02/1942 in Fort Devens, Massachusetts. Lieutnant at the time of the Battle of the Bulge. Awarded of Bronze Star Medal with oak leaf cluster (after the Battle of the Bulge).

    SENICHKA Joseph Jr (1920). Union County, NJ. ASN 32187563. Enlistment 10/11/1941 in Fort Dix, NJ.

    STAMPS Wilburn C (1921). Cumberland County, TN. ASN 34370856. Enlistment 15/09/1942 in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.

    STANLEY Elbert V (1925). North Little Rock, AR. Enlistment 1943. PFC.

    STANLEY Emmit E (1925). Hopkins County, Kentucky. ASN 35810444. Enlistment 24/11/1943 in Evansville, Indiana.

    STEPHENS Alwyn T (1916). Monroe County, NY. ASN 32836141. Enlistment 27/03/1943 in Rochester, NY.


    STRINGER Zachariah.

    SWAFFORD Howard C Jr.

    SWANSON Robert C.

    SZYMCZAK Joseph.


    TOP John (1918). ASN 36042328. Enlistment 17/07/1941 in Chicago, IL.



    WEINBERGER Sanford R.

    WIDENER Dexter S (1924). ASN 33536494. Enlistment 26/03/1943 in Abingdon, Virginia. Separated 17/01/1946. Jeep and truck driver. Parachute school at Fort Benning, Georgia. Awarded of Good Conduct Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon, American Theater Ribbon, WWII Victory Ribbon. He was later assigned to the 82nd AB Division. Honorably discharged as Corporal, Reconnaissance Platoon, 82nd AB Division. 

    WOLFE John B.


    YOUNG William D.