• Armond G WILSON (ASN 39167099) - 464th PFAB



    Armond G WILSON was born on October 29, 1917 in the North Dakota. He grow up in San Bernardino County, California and was inducted in the United States Army at Los Angeles on October 22, 1941. He received ASN 39167099. I don't know when he exactly joined the Airborne forces but he was finally assigned to the 464th PFAB and joined the 17th Airborne Division with his unit on March 1945 just before operation Varsity.

    Mr Wilson passed away on April 04, 2003 and is buried at Montecito Memorial Park, Colton CA with his wife Margaret.



    I am fortunate to have in my collection few artifacts that belonged to Mister Wilson, reason why I have realized some researches and writted this Tribute.

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