• GI's tribute - 224th AMC

    Marcello ORTEGA - 224th Airborne Medical Company

    (October 30, 1922 - August 8, 2005)


    Marcello ORTEGA after the VE Day then he served with the 326th Airborne Medical Company / 101st AB Division in Germany (photo from Vincent Ortega). 


    Marcello ORTEGA was born on October 30, 1922 in California where he grow up until his induction in the Army on January 1, 1943 at Los Angeles, CA. He received ASN 39278238 and was assigned several months later to the new 17th Airborne Division at Camp MacKall, North Carolina. He joined the 224th Airborne Medical Company (under command of Major James J KENNY).

    As a « first hour » 17th Airborne trooper, Marcello ORTEGA followed the division from Camp MacKall to England, Belgium Ardennes, Châlons-sur-Marne and Germany. 


    Marcello ORTEGA (on left) with a buddy while he served with the 17th Airborne. This photo was probably realized in Germany or France in spring or summer 1945 (photo from Vincent Ortega). 


    After the VE Day, he was assigned to the 326th Airborne Medical Company / 101st Airborne and was training for the invasion of Japan.

    Marcello ORTEGA passed away on August 21, 2005.



    This tribute has been realized with the help of Vincent Ortega, grandson of Marcello ORTEGA.