• 411th AQMC history

    Chiseldon - England

    On July 30, 1944 the division was attached to the 9th Army assigned to the ETOUSA (European Theater of Operation of the US Army). The advance party of the Division leaved the USA and arrived in Glasgow on July 31, 1944 to prepare the arrival of the entire division. In August the training was finish and on August 14 the unit received order to make a secret movement toward Miles Standish Camp in Tauton (near Boston), Massachusetts. It arrived on August 16. In that place it prepared its travel for England. Approximately on August 18, the men of the company boarded on the USS Wakefield in Boston harbor. They arrived in Liverpool on august 26 after an 8 days travel.


    On August 30, 1944 the Division took position in its new location at Chiseldon Camp near Swindon, Wiltshire.

    411th AQMC history

    411th AQMC history

    This nice Christmas card edited by Borough Press (England) was sent by Lloyd A Martin 411th AQMC to his wife in December 1944, few days before leaving England for France (TFH collection).


     The Battle of the Bulge 


    411th AQMC history

     Three members of the 411th Airborne Quartermaster Company on the top of a GMC truck during the Battle of the Bulge (TFH collection).




     411th AQMC history 

     Germany 1945 

    I have recently acquired several photos from an anonymous album unfortunately sell photo by photo. Several men are identified on the photos and I have rapidly identified the unit. Because of my blog site I have met Jere McClendon who identified his father William E McClendon on this picture (on the left) and his friend Allen W CRAVER. As this last man is represented on nearly all the pics and he is sometimes mentioned as "me"", I think this man was the owner of the photo album. These two men were members of the 411th Airborne Quartermaster Company from the 17th Airborne Division. The photo was realised in Germany, most probably after the VE Day (original unpublished photo - TFH collection).




     This nice Christmas card was sent by Lloyd A Martin 411th AQMC to his wife in December 1945 while on duty with the 82nd Airborne Division in Berlin, few days before leaving Germany for New York after more than 3 years in the Army (TFH collection).