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    This is a website list dedicated to the 17th Airborne history or related units and of interested for historians,  researchers or relatives.


    17th AIRBORNE DIVISION SCIONS : the official website of veterans and descendants of the 17th Aiborne Division.



    US AIRBORNE : this website has been created by a belgian friend of mine. It is in english and french and is dedicated to the American Airborne troops who have fought during the WWII. A mine of information with a special attention to personnel testimonies.






    BATTLE OF THE BULGE MEMORIES : this website has been created by Henri Rogister, another belgian people who made a fantastic work of memory. It is in english and is dedicated to the American units involved in the battle of the Bulge. An impressive mine of information with several 17th Airborne troopers testimonies.



    GOLDEN ARROW MILITARY RESEARCH : this website specialize in tracing the steps of individual WWII Veterans to show where they were and what they did during the war : "This is a unique process that we have devised as a way to help genealogists, family members and historians gain a better understanding of the experiences of individual WWII Veterans.  This service is not offered by the National Archives or any other company in the United States, and it is especially exciting because so many Army and Air Corps Personnel Files were destroyed in the 1973 Personnel Center fire.  Many times we can actually reconstruct the service history of those whose records were lost in the fire. Our research specialists are on-site at the National Archives and can access records pertaining to individual veterans that most folks would not know how to find. In addition to tracing the steps of individual WWII Veterans we also offer Official Military Service Records of WWII Veterans.  In most cases we are less expensive than going directly through the government and can have the exact same records ready within about 2 weeks. It can take the government 4 months just to respond to a family member’s request for their veteran’s records. If you have dealt with the government in requesting records then you know how frustrating it can be. We offer an alternative to the red tape and frustration of dealing directly with them. We believe that folks who visit your site could benefit greatly from the work that we do and we would like to ask you to link to our website from your site.  Please feel free to browse our website to see all of the exciting opportunities we offer for researching individual WWII Veterans" :