• Tribute to Private First Class Ben F BOURNE Jr (ASN 38351985)

    C/466th PFAB

    (October 13, 1925 - March 24, 1945)



    Ben F BOURNE Jr was born on October 13, 1925 in Oklahoma. He was the son of Benjamin Franklin BOURNE Sr and Mrs Lola Lance BLACKBURN. He entered service on July 01,February 15, 1943 and received ASN 38351985. He was probably rapidly volunteer for the new Airborne Corps and was finally assigned to Battery C/466th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion.

    He was killed in action on March 24, 1945 in Germany, during the first hours of operation Varsity. His body returned stateside in May 1949 and he is now permanently buried at Highland Cemetery, Durant, Bryan County, Oklahoma.






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  • Tribute to Private First Class Wayne C DIVELEY (ASN 35093055)

    513th PIR

    (December 01, 1923 - March 24, 1945)



    Wayne C DIVELEY was born on December 01, 1923 at Pipestone, Minnesota. He was the son of J.C. DIVELY and Mrs Bamberger (?). He entered service at Indianapolis, Indiana in February 15, 1943 and received ASN 35093055. He was probably rapidly volunteer for the new Airborne Corps and was send to Fort Benning, Georgia where he joined the 513th PIR.

    He was killed in action on March 24, 1945 in Germany, during the first hours of operation Varsity. His body returned stateside in April 1949 and he is now permanently buried at Indian Creek Cemetery, Winamac, Pulaski County, Indiana.



    Article published in the "Logansport Pharos Tribune", April 8, 1949, page 15 :


    MONTICELLO, Ind. - The body of Pfc. Wayne C. Dively, who was killed in action in Germany during World War II, will arrive in Monticello on the Friday morning train from Chicao for reburial. It will be taken to the Miller funeral home where friends may call after noon on Friday.

    Final rites for the soldier will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday in the Headlee Church of God with the Rev. Alvin Hall officiating. The body will be removed to the church one hour before services to lie in state. Graveside rites at the Indian Creek cemetery are to be conducted by the Monticello post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

    Pfc. Dively and his sister, Mrs. Fred Miller, at one time lived their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Walter near Buffalo. He was killed on March 24, 1945. He would have been 25 years old now.

    Surviving with Mrs. Miller of Monticello is another sister, Mrs. J.L. Fairchild, Danville, Illinois; two brothers, Francis, Decatur, Illinois; and Paul, Saginaw, Michigan; his father, J.C. Dively, Decatur, Illinois; and Mr. and Mrs. Walter."


    NARA file


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  • March 24, 1945 - March 24, 2019 :

    The 74th Anniversary of Operation Varsity


    There is just 74 years ago that started the largest and last Airborne operation of the World War II on the European theatre of operation.

    In the early morning of this beautiful Sunday, the 6th British Airborne Division and the 17th US Airborne Division joined their efforts to secured the east bank of the Rhine river while the Allied ground forces crossed the natural west border of Germany to penetrate deeply in the Third Reich and destroyed the Nazi army 45 days later.

    Around 2700 British and American paratroopers were killed, wounded or missing in action during this first day of invasion. Their sacrifice for the final liberation of Europe must be eternally remembered.



    Bretigny, France in the early hours of Sunday March 24, 1945. These men located on A-48 Airfield are located front of Waco CG-4 glider number 37 transported by C-47 planes of the 77th Troop Carrier Squadron, 435th Troop Carrier Group of the 53rd Troop Carrier Wing are probably members of the 194th GIR Regimental HQ Company (Signal Corps). 



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  • Tribute to Pvt Homer S LONG Jr - F/193rd & 194th GIR

    (February 03, 1925 - April 06, 1945)



    Son of  Homer Smith LONG Sr and Bessie Leona MOTTER-LONG, Homer S LONG Jr was born on February 03, 1925 in Kane, Pennsylvania. He lived at Bradford, Pennsylvania and was employed by the Pepsi Cola Co, Olean, New-York when he was enlisted on April 07 and inducted on April 14, 1943 at Buffalo, New York. He received ASN 32930595.

    Private LONG was immediately sent to Camp McKall, North Carolina for basic training and assigned to Company F/193rd GIR of the new 17th Airborne Division.

    Homer LONG was killed in action on April 06, 1945 in the area of Hamm, Germany while his regiment was involved in the Rhur pocket battle, attached to the 95th Infantry Division.


    Article published in the OLEAN TIMES HERALD of Friday May 04, 1945


    He was buried at Margraten US Military Cemetery, Holland before being repatriated on December 03, 1948 and permanently buried at McKean Memorial Park Cemetery, Lafayette, Pennsylvania.


    Article published in the ERA, Bradford, PA of Thursday December 02, 1948



    Homer S LONG Jr was awarded Good Conduct Medal, Expert Rifleman, Glider qualification Badge, Paratrooper qualification badge, Combat Infantry Badge, European - African - Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with three Battle Stars (for Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe campaigns) and one Arrowhead (for operation Varsity) and Purple Heart Medal (posthumously).



    This "GI's Tribute" has  been realized with the help of Sally LONG SENNETT (niece) and will be archived in the GI's Tribute - 194th GIR.

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  • Hosingen (Great-Dutchy of Luxembourg), January 29, 1945 : the 193rd GIR fights for the last time


    I have made many many research on the 193rd GIR and I'm finishing a book (in french) dedicated to this 17th Airborne's unit. I am currently doing the layout of the Rhineland campaign chapter. On January 28, 1945, the 193rd GIR were located in the little village of Hosingen (Great-Dutchy of Luxembourg) facing the German border and the Siegfried Line (also called Westwall) delimited by the Our river. To better understand the battle, I have made a one day trip in the area and I think it is interesting to share this with you.




    The operation: on January 29, 1945, the 193rd GIR has received the mission to seize the highest ground facing the Our valley to better observed the German border and movements of enemy troops. The offensive starts around 02:00 PM with A Company on left and E Company on right. Under heavy fire, A Company failed to reach its objective while E Company reaches its goal at the cost of numerous losses. The two companies are ordered to withdraw at 05:30 PM. This action will be the last one for the 193rd GIR.



    Operation of the 193rd GIR on January 29, 1945 (TFH map)


    Hosingen before the war & after the battle of the Bulge (from the Archives of Hosingen, available on the web):


    The Battlefield today: these pics have been realized on August 12, 2018.

    Hosingen today seen from the left part of the front occupied by the 193rd GIR on January 28 & 29, 1945 :


    Both companies leaved the village by the main road to Germany, exactly at this place :


    The Our valley today :


    The objectives of the January 29, 1945 (still seen from the left flank of the front) :


    This pic realized just on the right of the E Company's goal shows very well the very hilly landscape in this area and the incredible difficulties to lead patrols at this place, especially in winter with anti-personnel mines on the ground and enemy fire over your head !


    As a testimony of the battle, it is still possible to observe fox-holes. On the first pic, we seen very well a large german collective shelter with wooden roof remains.  On the second one, we can seen individual fox-holes :


    Or simply pieces of shrapnel lying on the ground 75 years after the battle ...


    Or a commemorative plate in honor of the 17th AB Division :


    And finally two other surprises on the way to home ...

    This german 88mm PAK 43/41 anti-tank gun visible on the village of Heinerscheid (Great-Dutchy of Luxembourg) located 10,9 kms north of Hosingen :


    And this german 150mm Schwere FH18 visible on the village of Cherain (Belgium) located 10 kms north-east of Houffalize, in the area where the 17th AB has fought during the Bulge. Of interest are the numerous impact of shrapnels visible on this battlefield relic :



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