• After VE Day - 513th PIR

    After VE Day - 513th PIR

    The 513th PIR served in the Army of Occupation of Germany from May 20 to  July 4, 1945.


                   After VE Day - 513th PIR              After VE Day - 513th PIR

    These two photos realised in Germany show men of Company I - 513th PIR during Occupation. The man in the jeep is Lt Maurice W Leland. The photo on right was probably realised in (or in the area) of Oberhausen (unpublished original photos - TFH collection).


    The Regiment then went to Vittel, France on August 15, 1945. It returned to the United States via the Boston Port of Embarkation on Sepember 14, 1945 and inactivated at Camp Myles Standish, Massachusetts on the same date.

    After VE Day - 513th PIR

    During summer 1945, when the Regiment was located in Vittel (France) was edited the first history of the unit. This exemplar belonged to Pierre COURTURE (TFH collection).