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    Lundi 9 Janvier 2012 à 21:40

    Bravo pour ton blog, Richard !

    C'est vraiment fantastique que tu ais entrepris de partager tes recherches sur Internet pour ne pas oublier les hommes de la 17th Airborne Division.


    Tom Verheijden
    Vendredi 20 Janvier 2012 à 11:39

    Richard, you really did an outstanding job!
    I know that it has cost you a lot of time and effort to create such page, dedicated to the men of the 17th AB!
    All the best and good luck!


    mike meyers
    Dimanche 22 Janvier 2012 à 05:12

    I am extremely happy to have found this website and look forward to learning all I can about my Grandfather, Pvt George S. Meyers 466th PFAB, 17th Airborne!! Thank you so much Richard!

    Kim Lemke
    Lundi 6 Février 2012 à 16:11

    I just found this page, thank you

    My father was in the 17th Airborne 193rd GIR and at the end of hostilities transferred to the *2nd Airborne.

    S/Sgt Axe
    Lundi 20 Février 2012 à 13:00

    Great informative website; I was looking for more information on the 17Th AB and here I found what I was looking for.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

    Marsha Sears
    Mardi 21 Février 2012 à 04:20

    Thank you for your website.  My uncle, Harry Sears, served in Company B of the 194th.  He was wounded in action on January 5, 1945 at the age of 19 and spent the rest of the war in a hospital in London because of the severity of his wounds.  You have honored their memory well!

    Samedi 3 Mars 2012 à 00:13

    This is an amazing body of work. Truly impressive.

    Andrew Velkey
    Mercredi 7 Mars 2012 à 21:19

    Thanks for the information. I am trying to find more information on my great uncle, Harold F. Miller, who was in the 507th PIR and KIA on 7 Feb, 1945. 

    Leland Aucompaugh
    Dimanche 29 Avril 2012 à 20:27

    My aunt's uncle Wellington Prall was with the 507th Operation Neptune and Operation Varsity. I don't understand the signifcance of maintaining the chute numbers. If it didn't work whoever wore it more than likely isn't returning it with a beef.

    Susan Rankert
    Dimanche 6 Mai 2012 à 22:45

    Thank you.

    My father is Bill Taylor, one of the troopers you mentioned as having assisted you in your research. I will share the information located here with him, as he does not "do" computers.

    John Senick
    Lundi 21 Mai 2012 à 15:28


    Gald to see you got your website up and running. Thank you!!! It's been a few years since we last spoke.

    I have many pictures of 193rd GIR men from Camp MacKall that I will send to you if you want to publish them.

    -John Senick

    Adam Coolong
    Mardi 21 Août 2012 à 22:32

    Thanks so much for the great website!  My grandfather was Charles E. "Lefty" Booth, a member of HQ Btry, 680th GFAB.  I found him in the pictures of HQ battery AND the pic from Neufchateau--what a great feeling that was!

    Thank you Richard!

    Adam Coolong

    St. Paul, MN


      • Josh Marker
        Lundi 27 Mai 2019 à 18:11

        Adam, My Grandfather was also in the 680th GFAB, as I've found his name on rosters. I looked at the photo, and I wish I could pick him out. But I can't tell with certainty if I see him or not. I'm trying to find more info about any other units he may have been assigned to, as I failed to ask him much about it while he was alive. I found his name on a pdf regarding the 680th. But his name isn't listed along with those who completed jump school with the rest of the group. But I know he had wings. He was also listed as one who was a part of the 680th when they were deactivated. But perhaps he came in from another unit of some sort, instead of starting with the 680th? Anyway, his name was Kenneth Franklin. From Kansas City, MO. Happy Memorial day!

    John Caskey
    Dimanche 9 Septembre 2012 à 05:23

    Appreciate all the work/effort you put into this project. My Sister and I are planning to attend the Dead Man's Walk this coming March. Our Father, 2nd Lt. John R. Caskey, Company B, 193rd GIR was KIA there on January 7th, 1945. I've yet to find anyone who may have served with him, which, unfortunately, is no surprising considering the 193rd was decimated.


    Ed Siergiej Jr
    Dimanche 9 Septembre 2012 à 15:12

    Great job with your website. Thank you for your dedication in keeping the memory of the 17th Airborne alive. My family and I head for England on the 19th for the memorial dedication at Greenham Common, and then to Belgium to visit the cemeteries and the Bastogne area. Hope we get to meet you at some point.

    Paul Madden
    Dimanche 9 Septembre 2012 à 21:34

    Richard, Very nice website. I appreciate your efforts as I know all the 17th AB family does. Thank you for posting my fathers picture in the 680th roster. I know he would like it very much. He was a proud Airborne Trooper. Anything I can do to help with your research endeavors please let me know. 

    Best Regards,

    Paul Madden

    Round Rock, Texas


    Jeudi 20 Septembre 2012 à 23:49

    Great site, a lot of work. My great uncle Charles Reed Staples, was a member of the 194th at Camp Mackall, in June 1943. Was trying to find more info on him. Have part of an envelop that says A. C. (I think) 194th Glider Infantry, 17th .            He died in 1986, so am looking for any info that I can find on him.


    Burtchville, Michigan U.S.A.

    Gregory De Cock
    Vendredi 19 Octobre 2012 à 12:48

    Hi Richard,

    Just to let you know two mistakes I saw in the 193GIR roster, or am I wong.

    Radtke Richard A., #37477876, Pfc., A/193GIR, is resting at Henry-Chapelle Cemetery (F-14-60)... not States side.

    Tafoya Dewey A., #37344534, Pfc., B/193GIR, is resting at Henry-Chapelle Cemetery (F-13-3)... not States side.

    Keep on their memory.

    Greg - Secretary "101st Airborne Division Belgian Friendly" & "Dead Man's Ridge Walk".

    Ron Smith
    Vendredi 26 Octobre 2012 à 15:20

    My father was a member of  I Co. 507th/82nd and made the d-day drop. He was later wounded during the Ardennes offensive. He died in 2003. His name was Robert Dale Smith.

    Jere Lee McClendon
    Lundi 29 Octobre 2012 à 22:38

    I believe my Dad's picture is shown on the second group of the 411 Airborne, Quatermaster Company. His picture is the first soldier on the first row on the right side. His name is William Edward McClendon. Do you have a list of the names of the Soldiers?


    Jere Lee McClendon


    John Caskey
    Lundi 12 Novembre 2012 à 06:27

    This is the most complete history of my Dad's unit I have found to date. Thank you so much for providing this information!!

    I had just sent you an email when I noticed your website, so I guess this is a double thanks!!

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