• February 10, 1945 ...





    It is on February 10, 1945 the 17th Airborne was relieved from the frontline and sent in Châlon-sur-Marne, Champagne (France) to rest and reorganization. This day is so the last day of the second campaign for the division. The "green" 17th has known its Baptism of fire in the Bulge, in one of the fierce battle for the liberation of Europe (Ardennes Campaign) and followed immediately with the Rhineland Campaign. It has paid a heavy tribute in this two winter campaigns with several thousands killing or wounding men. In February 1945, the division was so veteran division ready for its next campaign : operation VARSITY. But at this time, the 17th Airborne troopers didn't know that ... (Original photo - TFH collection via Earl K Cavannah and family. Ribbon from TFH collection). 


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